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Labour Market Trends

"Employers are competing harder for workers now than at any time over the last 20 years."

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As a recruitment agency, we work to stay on top of current labour market trends. This allows us to provide the best possible service to our clients. That’s why HR GO has now partnered with the University of Kent to provide quarterly reports analysing labour news making headlines around the world.

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Quarterly Labour Market Trends Newsletter

We are excited to present this information to the public in the form of a quarterly Labour Market Trends newsletter. The content includes a blog created from the latest academic report with graphs and infographics to make the data more user-friendly. In addition, subscribers also receive a link to download the original academic article as a PDF. So, for the technically minded, all original data and references will be included.

The first blog, UK job market research for better informed hiring, focuses on the current state of the UK labour market, while subsequent blogs focus on topical issues dominating labour news headlines. The authors will be exploring the official data and providing academic insights so readers will know when to trust the headlines.

About the Authors

These academic reports are co-authored by two highly respected professors at Kent Business School with complementary areas of expertise:

Dr Samantha Evans, Lecturer in Human Resource Management, Department of Leadership & Management, Kent Business School

Samantha is driven by a desire to bridge the gap between the latest theoretical thinking & the practice of management in the field of HRM. Her current research covers two key areas of interest: (1) inequality in the workplace, particularly in relation to social class and gender, and (2) the role and performance of line managers, particularly related to their implementation of HRM. You can read more about Samantha in her biography.

Catherine Robinson, Senior Lecturer in Applied Economics and Business Statistics, Department of Leadership & Management, Kent Business School

As an applied economist, Kate’s research focus is primarily around productivity and firm performance. Her current research covers three key areas of interest: (1) skills mismatch and technology driven skill requirements; (2) small and social enterprise development, survival and growth, and (3) regional inequalities and the determinants of firm performance. You can read more about Kate in her biography.

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