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If you’re working as a temp through HR GO, we want to give you the best possible support to succeed. That’s why we developed a new system, and launched our Customer Success Team in November 2021. 

At HR GO, we place a large number of temp workers every year, making your success important to us. As a temp worker, you might be keeping the UK moving as a delivery driver. Perhaps you’re helping customers in a call centre. Or you’re doing your bit as a front-line NHS worker. Whatever your role, you’re providing essential services to businesses and organisations. 

However much you enjoy your work, it can be stressful if there are issues that you’re not sure how to sort out. That could be difficulties navigating through the Candidate Account on our website, or any queries with what you see on your paycheck. 

We make every effort to minimise how often problems occur. But when they do, our dedicated Customer Success Team is here to handle issues quickly and efficiently. Send us an email, start a live chat via the website or give us a call and we’ll start working on solutions right away.

Getting problems sorted fast

Before we launched our Customer Success Team, our temporary workers would usually call their local branch of HR GO with any technical issues. But our branch consultants aren’t dedicated experts. And they weren’t always able to track down solutions quickly. 

This meant that you might not have been getting solutions to your problems fast enough. And when pay is involved, we know that resolving problems fast is essential.

3 easy ways to connect with our Customer Success Team

At HR GO we use the very latest tools in innovative and strategic ways that add value for our temp workers as well as the employers you work for. Our philosophy is to use tech exactly where it's most useful, and to use a more personal touch, like our live chat, where it's needed. 

Our live chat with our team works fantastically. And we’re proud that we’ve progressed from a satisfaction rate of 97% when we first launched, to 100% in the last 3 months. 

But not everyone prefers to use live chat. So, our email system is another easy way to get in touch. You can also chat on the phone with one of our helpful team – an actual real person. They log every phone call, so you never need to repeat yourself next time.

Resolving payroll problems as a priority

Understanding how you’re getting paid is important. So it figures that most of our queries are around payroll. For example, ‘Why does my paycheck say this?’, ‘Am I opted into a pension?’ ‘How can I request a P45?’ 

With the cost-of-living crisis hitting hard, we know that problems with your pay can hit especially hard. Even if you see a few pounds less than you were expecting on your paycheck, it can have a big impact. 

That’s why we prioritise support requests that are about pay.

Fast turnaround on other issues too

But of course, pay isn’t the only issue you can get in touch with us about. Three other examples are:

  • Help with your candidate account: The HR GO online portal gives you access to everything you need to get started as a temp worker. Perhaps you can’t log in, you need to change your address or password details, or want to access our remote onboarding. Having someone who knows their way around the system inside out can be handy.
  • General queries: Getting in touch with the Customer Success Team is a great way to sort any other issues, like a query about a job you’ve seen advertised, or a question about your current assignment.
  • Reference requests: If you’ve worked for HR GO in the past and want to include it as a reference for a new employer, we’re happy to provide a reference confirming that you worked with us and for which dates.

Making temp work easier

When we launched our Customer Success Team, we wanted to remove any barriers that could stand in the way of our temp workers’ success in their new roles. We wanted you to feel supported and valued. 

Since launching, we’ve handled over 8,000 requests for help. And the average time from someone creating a support ticket to having their problem sorted? It’s under 40 minutes. That’s something we’re pretty proud of. 

If you're interested in working for HR GO, you can register online. Or find your closest branch and get help from one of our regional consultants.

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