What's next when you're 18: Why temping's a good choice.

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Temping’s a good choice when you’ve just left full-time education at 18 and are unsure about your next steps. You might be surprised to learn that it can even help you take the first steps towards a future career.

The pandemic has been tough on everyone – but especially you. The ‘Class of 2021’ has had to put up with so much disruption around school and exams.

For various reasons, not everyone feels that going to university is the right move for them – either straight after school, or at all. High numbers of COVID cases (and travel restrictions) mean it’s tricky to travel abroad for a gap year. And it’s quite rare to be 100% certain about what type of area you want to work in when you’ve just left education. Your choices (which can feel daunting) may include taking on an apprenticeship, an internship or just launching into full-time work.

If you can’t decide on the direction you want to go right now, one great option could be to try out some temp roles – and here’s why:

Why temping's a good choice: You can try before you buy

If you have a clear picture of the area you want to work in when you leave full-time education, you’re lucky. Most people don’t. For those who are unsure, spending some time temping in a variety of locations gives you an idea of where you’d like to be based. And getting stuck into different roles or projects at different organisations – will give you a picture of what you want to do. Equally it may help you see what you definitely don’t want to do in the future!

Having some breathing space while you ponder your next move can be really valuable. And as we know at HR GO, some young people manage to turn a temporary role into a permanent position after making a great impression. So taking on a role for just a few weeks could actually be a life-changer.

Temping's a good choice to boost your CV

It’s the classic question: how can you get a job without experience, but how can you get experience without a job?

Temping can help you beef up a skinny CV on your way to landing a permanent role. Employers look for candidates who have certain competencies and skills – or the potential to develop these. You can learn something new from every temp role, and gain experiences to draw on during interviews.

Of course, just as important as technical or professional skills are ‘soft skills’. These are personal traits and how we behave and think. Soft transferable skills are skills you can use in other roles. And temp roles are a way to rapidly gain soft skills like this:

  • Teamwork. In every job, you need to get on with people you work with. A temporary role means honing your teamwork skills (not to mention helping you find common ground with those you might not always choose to spend time with after work).
  • Ability to work under pressure. You might find it hard to keep your head when things are tough. But there’s nothing like a temporary stint in a busy environment where there’s lots going on to hone this vital skill.
  • Adaptability. Can you think on your feet and perhaps take on a task that could be outside your comfort zone? In a busy work environment, priorities can change in a moment. Having this kind of experience from a temp role will arm you with the crucial soft skill of adaptability.

Temping's a good choice for life experience

If you’re the type of person who thrives on change and meeting new people, temping could be the perfect option. You might be looking to experience multliple different disciplines and enjoy a wide variety of work environments. Maybe you’re an artist or budding author looking for inspiration. Or perhaps you’re easily bored with the same old routine and would prefer to switch things up every few months. What better way to expand your horizons than by temping?

Your personal demands may take precedence

Long term employment also means long term commitment and responsibility. With a temp job, your commitments are much shorter term. And if you have a demanding private life, you can fit your jobs around your personal needs. If you're wanting to feel like you have control over your work life rather than your employer having the control, temp is a great way to go. 

Which sectors need temp workers?

Whether you’re after full-time or part-time temp work, take a look at the current list of job vacancies we have at HR GO. These sectors are looking for the most temp staff at the moment:

  • Hospitality and leisure
  • Construction
  • Driving
  • Call centre and customer service
  • Warehouse industrial pickers and packers

Check out the HR GO website for more details – or get in touch for a chat about how we can help you find your next temp role.

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