4 tips for return-to-work success in 2022

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If you’ve been away for a while, now is a perfect time to make a return to work. With so many roles available it’s a candidate-driven market which gives you lots of choice for your next move.

Your job-seeking skills may be feeling rusty though, so arm yourself with our return-to-work success list before you dive in. These tips will help you navigate the job market more confidently, whether you’ve been away for months or even years.

1. Sharpen your digital comms savvy

You probably already know that most job interviews now take place on video platforms like Zoom, Teams, Skype or an industry-specific platform. And if you’re going for a role that includes remote or hybrid working, you’ll also need to know your way around these tools for day-to-day work.

Mastery of these platforms is key for return-to-work success. The post-pandemic workplace is about presenting yourself professionally on screen as much as in person. So check out our guide on how to connect and impress during video interviews, as depending on how long you’ve been away you might need to put in some practice.

There’s a lot of free or inexpensive training online if you need to sharpen up your digital skills and become a video meeting pro once you return to work, too.

2. Aim for authentic

It’s OK to have been out of the workplace for a while, and even more so since the pandemic started. So we encourage you to be honest about why you’ve been away. It’s good to start off any relationship with a future employer with as much transparency as possible. 

You might have CV gaps, but think about how you can talk up the soft skills you’ve honed during your time away from paid work. Time bringing up children tends to leave mums and dads with rock-hard negotiation skills and multitasking prowess.

If you were made redundant during the pandemic and took on voluntary work, your CV could highlight your strengths as a team player and excellent communicator. 

Be ready to talk about the steps you’ve taken to prepare yourself to slot into your sector again. You might have stayed updated on work by connecting with colleagues, or booked into training to update your skills, for example.

3. Learn the LinkedIn secret sauce

LinkedIn still tops the list when it comes to career networking sites. Used right it can be instrumental in making your return to work a success. There’s no better place online to boost your professional network or get noticed within your industry. This is especially since the pandemic made face-to-face networking so much trickier.

Your first step is setting up a profile if you haven’t already. Then get to know the little tricks and hacks to get the most out of LinkedIn.

One essential action if you’re returning to the workplace is to mark yourself as ‘Open to Work’. That way you’ll have a badge on your profile photo showing that you’re on the hunt for a new job. LinkedIn also has plenty of handy guides on how to get the most out of the site.

4. Get help from the experts

Signing up with a recruitment agency is a powerful tool if you’d like to get back to work. And developing close, honest communication with your consultant from that agency can reap even more rewards. Because whatever your individual situation, chances are a recruitment consultant has helped someone else in the same boat multiple times.

At HR GO we have branches up and down the UK staffed by friendly experts ready to learn about your career goals and guide you to your next best step. Their industry knowledge (including this advice from an earlier blog) is invaluable and can make the difference between landing a mediocre job and finding your perfect career path.

They can show you where you could improve your CV so employers take notice, as well as give you top tips on interview prep in 2022. Plus, by keeping in touch with them you’ll be top of mind if a great suitable vacancy comes up. You can also find some great free resources in the Careers Advice section of our website.

HR GO is your perfect first stop if you’re looking to get onto the career ladder. Every day we post vacancies from a large range of sectors, so get in touch for a chat about your move back to the workplace. You can get started by finding your local branch or by registering online.

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