6 things recruitment consultants want you to know

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You’ve honed your CV to perfection, have a killer application letter down pat and are becoming more confident at the interview stage.

It’s a great start and you definitely have the foundations in place, but chances are you suspect there are other things you could be doing to help you land your perfect role.

Here, six HR GO recruitment consultants pass on their insider tips on how to get the most out of job-hunting.

This is information they pass on every day to the candidates they guide through the application process - and now they’re sharing with you, too... 

“Treat job-hunting like a full-time job”

“Someone once told me that when they’re looking for work they treat job-hunting like a full-time job. So they get up at 6.30am, take a shower, get dressed and are sitting at their computer for 8.30am.

Then they work at ‘looking for work’ until 5.30pm - applying for jobs, speaking to recruiters and replying to responses - as though they would be at their desk in a job.

I thought this was a good way to job hunt. This tip came from a contractor who’s always very successful landing work so it obviously works!”

Lee-Ann Owoaje, HR GO Associate Director

“Research, research, research”

“Before your interview, it’s crucial to do your homework. Look at the company’s website and really try to understand where the business is, as well as its history.”

Tanya Stevens, HR GO branch manager, Bishop’s Stortford 

“Focus on eye contact”

“First impressions really count so in your interview make sure you stand out for the right reasons. Maintaining good eye contact is crucial if you want to appear personable and professional, and give your interviewer confidence that you’ll be a great fit for their team. 

Other tips include asking lots of questions (without being too over the top), and knowing the business and its achievements over the last three years.” 

Chet Rowley, HR GO branch manager, Dudley

“Keep in touch with us”

“Don’t be afraid to contact us to let us know you’re still available - whether you’re looking for a permanent or temporary role. If you’re fresh in our minds we’ll think of you first if anything suitable crops up, particularly if it’s a last-minute vacancy.

In the same way, do talk to us if something goes wrong, from missing a bus to being unhappy on a shift. It’s only if we know the full picture that we can do our best to help. 

My other tip would be that when it comes to interviews, make sure you know your client beforehand. Have questions ready to ask, tell them you’re interested in the job, find out what the next stage is and if they have any concerns so you can address them and do all you can to fix them.”

Alison Mooney, HR GO branch manager, Stockport

“Appearance is important”

Be punctual - there’s nothing more infuriating for an interviewer than someone turning up late - and do all you can to appear confident. It also goes without saying that how you look is vital, so make sure you’re well groomed and take care in your appearance.”

Richard Astley, HR GO branch manager, Doncaster

“Help us get to know you”

“As recruitment consultants, the more we know about you as a job hunter the better we can help. It’s great if we have an idea of where you’d like to work, and if you can tell us what sort of job you’d like to do that’s always a plus point. Plus, it’s a good idea to ask questions, for example ‘What else can I do to get this role?’”

Christopher Hare, HR GO branch manager, Northampton


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