Delivery & retail Christmas jobs: Now hiring!

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Could you be a candidate for a Royal Mail, Parcelforce or retail Christmas job? In the lead up to Christmas, employers throughout the UK have extra temporary job roles to fill. These roles are needed for the increased demand in gift buying, plus sorting and delivering of cards and packages.

If you’re one of those people affected by the end of furlough, it’s good to know that these types of roles can be a useful stopgap until you find your next permanent job. A seasonal job can also be a lifeline if you lost your job because of the effects of the pandemic, and your sector is yet to recover.

Find out about some of the seasonal roles up for grabs, as well as how to increase your chances of landing one of these short-term contracts.

Royal Mail and Parcelforce Christmas jobs

The rise in online retail continues, and every year more and more parcels and presents need to be delivered. But you needn’t work as an elf to do your bit to help Santa this Christmas.

Royal Mail and Parcelforce have thousands of roles up for grabs, all with the same aim: to help seasonal deliveries go as smoothly as possible. You can feel good about helping thousands of families have the Christmas they’re looking forward to by applying for one of these jobs.

At HR GO we’re helping Royal Mail and Parcelforce fill temp jobs to rise to this logistical challenge, including:

  • Parcel packers
  • Warehouse operatives
  • Parcel sorters
  • Delivery drivers
  • Postal walkers

Retail Christmas jobs

Other seasonal temp jobs include working in retail for the increased demand over Christmas. Some retailers also offer discounts to their employees so you can save on your Christmas purchases. Increased roles available this time of year across the nation include:

  • Retail assistants
  • Online pickers
  • Stock assistants
  • Sales assistants
  • Customer support assistants

Boost your CV for these opportunities

Soft skills are important in every job. But for working in a fast-paced environment running up to the busiest time of the year? They’re crucial. And, there are ways to make your CV or application stand out in a crowded temp field.

Being able to get on with others on a busy team is important. So highlight any times when you’ve worked well as part of a team, and have needed to use great communication skills to get the job done. If you can stay calm under pressure and have examples of when, that’s positive too.

At HR GO, where we help thousands of people land the right temp roles for them, our advice is to read the job description thoroughly. That way, you can highlight any key words or phrases that the job ad is using, and then include them in your CV or application.

Be flexible (if you can) for seasonal work

Not everyone can work late nights, early mornings or weekends. If you have caring commitments, you may well prefer more traditional hours. But to meet increased demand around Christmas, some businesses are looking for more flexibility.

So, if you can be available at different times, and are happy to do overtime, make the most of this in your application.

Don't underestimate the value of temp work

If you’ve lost your permanent job, perhaps you don’t view temporary roles as your natural next stepping stone. But this kind of work can be great for building up transferable skills, and making new contacts in other sectors that could help with your job hunt.

We’ve also known temp roles turn into permanent careers once Christmas is over. So could a short-term contract could turn out to be a gift worth keeping for the long-term?

Interested in Christmas temp roles?

Check out the huge variety of short-term contracts we’re recruiting for in the run up to Christmas.

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