Thinking of a big career move? Now's the time

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If you're feeling underappreciated at work, it may be time to consider a career move. We know it's not easy making big life changes, even when your current situation feels stagnant. But if you’re not feeling happy with your job, we explain why now is the perfect moment to look at where you are and plan next steps for 2022.

You’re in good company

Quitting your job seems to be a global trend right now. It's even been called The Great Resignation as over four million American workers quit their jobs in September 2021 alone.

Closer to home, one UK study suggests that three in four workers will look for a new job in 2022. (We even ran our own little LinkedIn poll that showed only 28% of respondents were planning on staying in their current job for 2022.) Workplace experts believe that remote working is a big reason for this. That’s because it’s given many people a new sense of freedom and the time and space to think about what they want from their career.

Whatever your motivation for considering greener pastures, you may find that you’re reaching the tipping point in your current role, too. And if there was ever a time to make that move, it's now.

It’s a candidate-led market

There are currently more vacancies than candidates, which puts you in a strong position if you're thinking of a career move.

Knowing that many businesses are struggling to fill positions means that as a candidate you hold more power than ever before. Many employers need certain skills and talent on their teams and if you have these, you’ll be more likely to be able to negotiate higher salary and benefits.

It also means you can choose to bide your time until a job that ticks all the boxes on your wish list comes up.

The right career move can benefit your mental health

Many businesses have had to put increased pressure on their staff because of the pandemic. In order to survive the first lockdown, a lot of employers quickly changed their working patterns and operations. Sometimes this meant asking employees to work outside of their normal job descriptions or put in overtime as standard.

The result? Many of those employees are left feeling they've had to work nonstop from home. And this has led to burnout and in some cases, a decline in mental health. Candidates we're now meeting via HR GO are expressing the desire to move to greener pastures because they just feel undervalued in their current roles.

And now with Omicron cases so high that staff absences become a real day-to-day problem for organisations, you may also be feeling overworked and underappreciated.

The right career move means career advancement

Many of the candidates we’ve spoken to recently tell us that they feel their careers have stalled during the pandemic. And lack of job advancement is a big pain point going into 2022.

This might be especially true if you’ve just started out. You might have had to start your career remotely, and now be facing a remote future with a lack of spontaneous networking and face-to-face connections.

Looking for another job in a strong market means that you can ask for the things you know will help you get ahead. That might mean enhanced training, a mentoring programme or just a more clearly defined career path.

Let HR GO help you

Whatever your reasons for wanting to change jobs in 2022, it helps to speak to people who know the recruitment market inside out. When it comes to making a big life change like a career move, making the right career move is essential. Register with us for a chat about your options and we'll help you land the new position that's right for you.

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