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Has your work wishlist changed since the start of the coronavirus pandemic? Perhaps the things you value in a job and an employer have shifted since the first lockdown. Let’s look at the things you might place value on now, more than ever...

Work wishlist: social interaction

Making the move to work from home remotely found millions of us stripped of much of the social contact we’d been used to. Spontaneous desk chats and watercooler moments were out - prescheduled Zoom calls and instant messaging were in.

If a lack of social time has left you feeling less energised and engaged, you’re not alone. Some employees have realised that being around others is a big part of what they love about their job - and chances are you can’t wait to get back to face-to-face catch-ups when it’s safe to be in a physical office or workspace again.

Work wishlist: remote focus

While working from home brings less social interaction, it also means far fewer interruptions. And many people have found they can get more done, particularly if work tasks need long periods of sustained concentration.

If you relish the extra clarity and productivity you get away from colleague chat and ringing phones, your wishlist might include a job that offers all remote working, or hybrid working. This could also be true if you struggle with social communication in the traditional workplace and prefer to spend time alone.

Work wishlist: flexibility

For remote workers, a lack of commute has meant having extra time for family and people they live with (even if for parents much of that was spent juggling their job with homeschooling). There may also be more hours for taking up hobbies or rediscovering exercise.

Some people with caring responsibilities have been able to tweak their hours so they start and finish early, or late. There’s been a newfound appreciation for flexible working - and plenty of people want it to continue. Flexible working isn’t new - all employees, not just parents and carers, are legally entitled to request it. But moving past the pandemic there’s definitely a trend to want to fit workdays around personal lives - not the other way round.

Career wishlist: Stability

If you lost your job in one of the sectors hid hard in the pandemic, we don’t blame you for eyeing up a move into an industry or role that has thrived since lockdown hit.

LinkedIn analysed the job adverts on its site to find roles with the highest growth in the UK at the height of the first wave of the pandemic (April-October 2020). And taking into account changing consumer behaviour and business needs, it came up with the hottest job categories for 2021, including:

  • Health care supporting staff
  • Ecommerce workers
  • Construction staff
  • Customer service advisors

You might decide that pivoting into a different sector is a smart move for you. If so, take a look at the sectors we recruit staff for open vacancies at HR GO, here.

Career wishlist: Emotional wellbeing support

The last year has taken a toll on most people’s mental health, including at work - whether it’s meant a sudden shift to remote working, or for those who’ve needed to leave their home to do their job.

If being part of an organisation that values the emotional wellbeing and mental health of its team was a nice bonus before the pandemic, for many job candidates it’s now seen as crucial as we navigate our way through the next few months and beyond. And if you’re finding your job hunt emotionally gruelling in the meantime, take a look at our tips on how to be kind to yourself when you’re looking for work.

Career wishlist: Purpose-driven work

Even before the pandemic, we’d noticed at HR GO that younger job seekers in particular wanted to work for companies that aligned with their personal values. Since lockdown we’ve all had a new appreciation for people who make a real difference - from NHS medics caring for the sick, to key workers making our lives easier with deliveries and essential services.

We’re not surprised that many candidates now put a higher priority on being part of an organisation that they feel makes a positive contribution to society. After all, the world of work has been through a major shake-up recently. And if the pandemic has caused you to reassess your choices, it might be time to rewrite your career wishlist.


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