It's in the stars! What's your career horoscope?

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Career tips from my horoscope? Yes please!

In a nod to the spooky season, we’re using a supernatural tool to help you figure out your best career options: your horoscope. Can your star sign influence your future career path? Each sign of the zodiac is said to have different characteristics that show strengths, weaknesses, passions and motivations. This could give some insights into what you’re like to work with and the factors that will help you succeed. And perhaps even help you uncover some hidden talents, too. Find your horoscope below, and see if it helps:

Aries: 21 March – 19 April

In a nutshell: You’re assertive and competitive.

Aries tend to thrive in high pressure environments, with drive and stamina in spades. You’re good at working out people’s characters and talents, plus your assertive nature means you question authority. Could being an entrepreneur feature in your future?

Most likely to: Drink your office cuppa from a ‘Future CEO’ mug.

Jobs that suit: HR, sales, or recruitment (perhaps even setting up your own recruitment business through a joint venture).

Taurus: 20 April – 20 May

In a nutshell: You’re practical and reliable.

Office life suits Taureans as you generally enjoy routine and stability. You’ve a great work ethic, although beware getting trapped in your comfort zone. Make sure you put yourself forward for new challenges at work. Many Taureans have an artistic side as well as being practical.

Most likely to: Have the best selection of office plants on your desk (that you never forget to water).

Jobs that suit: marketing, designer, financialadministrative

Gemini: 21 May – 20 June

In a nutshell: You’re adaptable and curious.

Gemini comes from the Latin for ‘twins’. This shines through in your adaptability, which is a key workplace skill. You’re happy juggling multiple projects, or side hustles as well as your main job. As you thrive on variety, you may get bored in a role that doesn’t offer mental stimulation.

Most likely to: Know the latest industry titbits (or even better, some just-breaking workplace gossip).

Jobs that suit: Project manager, marketing, events organiser.

Cancer: 21 June – 22 July

In a nutshell: You’re nurturing and values-driven.

As a Cancerian you want to make a difference in your job. That could mean working for a company that aligns with your values, or having the chance to act as a mentor. Switching to remote working during the pandemic will have seen you thrive as people with your star sign tend to be homebodies at heart.

Most likely to: Push for four days WFH, and one back in the office.

Jobs that suit: Community service, nurse, occupational therapist, architect.

Leo: 23 July – 22 August

In a nutshell: You’re ambitious and self-assured.

Leos tick all the boxes for being strong leaders at work. And even if you’re not in a management position, your energy and creativity will make you a valuable collaborator and team member. Your desire to take charge could upset other people, so make sure you’re in a role that fits your ambitions.

Most likely to: Insist everyone joins your #triathlon Slack channel.

Jobs that suit: Executive, broadcaster, designersurveyor.

Virgo: 23 August – 22 September

In a nutshell: You’re a perfectionist with great attention to detail.

As a Virgo, details are everything. You have all the lists and all the spreadsheets. Taking charge of a project won’t be a natural choice, but make sure to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone. Just watch out that you’re not so immersed in your work that your work-life balance suffers.

Most likely to: Rainbow colour-code an Excel spreadsheet before you reach the end of this sentence.

Jobs that suit: Nursing, financial services, software developer.

Libra: 23 September – 22 October

In a nutshell: You’re sociable and people-orientated.

You get your energy from working with others, so you’re a great fit for any customer-facing role. The sign of Libra is the scales, and you love balance and harmony. You’re tactful and skilled at reading people’s motivations and can help people see different points of view, too.

Most likely to: Act delighted with your Secret Santa gift, even if you hate it.

Jobs that suit: Customer service, hospitality, retail.

Scorpio: 23 October – 21 November

In a nutshell: You’re strategic thinking and private.

Many Scorpios have great persuasion skills but prefer to use their talents behind the scenes rather than in the spotlight. Perhaps you’ll make a great consultant or advisor, and have a lot to offer as a second in command. But you’re intense, so don’t take criticism so personally. Focus on chilling out instead.

Most likely to: Block-book the boardroom for focused work on your own.

Jobs that suit: Consultant, engineer, surveyor, IT

Sagittarius: 22 November – 21 December

In a nutshell: You’re honest and adventurous.

Varied career paths are common for Sagittarians. As a multi-tasker, stay still for too long and you feel you’re stagnating. Lockdown may have been especially hard as you prefer to be on the move. You’re also pretty honest, and appreciate colleagues who are upfront in return.

Most likely to: Send frank emails that recipients might find a little, erm, blunt.

Jobs that suit: Construction, logistics or HGV driving, delivery driver, travel and tourism

Capricorn: 22 December – 19 January

In a nutshell: You’re stubborn and determined.

Most likely to reach the top? Capricorns. If you believe your star sign, that is. You’re serious about wanting to achieve, and need to keep growing and improving constantly. As a clear path to promotion is on your work wishlist, look for an employer that offers A-class training and development opportunities.

Most likely to: Be desperate to come first at the office escape room Christmas challenge.

Jobs that suit: CEO, legal, sales.

Aquarius: 20 January – 18 February

In a nutshell: You’re free-spirited and curious

Doing your bit for society is important to many Aquarians. That might mean being drawn to employers who share your values or spending your free time volunteering. Your inventive mind and lateral way of thinking means you’re often ahead of the curve and love coming up with new ways of doing things at work, too.

Most likely to: Insist your colleagues join you on a lunchtime walking brainstorm meeting.

Jobs that suit: Marketing, industrial designer, life coach, SEND teacher.

Pisces: 19 February – 20 March

In a nutshell: You’re emotionally intelligent and intuitive.

You might sometimes appear as dreamy, but emotional intelligence lies beneath. As a Piscean you may have compassion and empathy in spades, plus an ability to read people that can make you incredibly effective at work. Apparently you are one of the most superstitious signs of the zodiac, too.

Most likely to: Wear your lucky outfit to every job interview and check your horoscope daily.

Jobs that suit: Healthcare, creative industries, teacher.

Does your horoscope have you reaching for the stars?

Can tapping into your star sign by following your horoscope help you in your career? It’s fun to think so, but remember that few of us probably fit the mould of what our horoscope says we should be like.

And at HR GO we do know there are lots of much better guides to your work prospects, like transferrable skills, role-specific experience and overall aptitudes for example. But if cosmic insights can give you a push in the right direction, why not keep an eye on the stars too?

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