4 sectors that saw growth during the pandemic

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These 4 business sectors that saw growth during the pandemic are currently offering employment opportunities you might want to consider. If you lost your job because of the pandemic, or were put on furlough and it’s looking like you won’t be getting your old role back, it may be time to change roles - or sectors.

While it’s true that the pandemic hit certain sectors hard, some areas of employment are booming. And there’s good news from the Office of National Statistics, as its latest jobs data shows unemployment has fallen for four months in a row so far in 2021.

In all the uncertainty it’s tempting to look for a move into an industry or role that seems to offer more job security.

Find out which sectors are looking to hire more staff fast - and consider reskilling to become an attractive candidate to suit the role.

1. Ecommerce - a business sector that saw significant growth during COVID-19

With the nation relying on shopping deliveries, it’s no surprise that e-commerce recruitment has shot up since the pandemic began.

When LinkedIn did a deep dive on job adverts on its site it came up with the hottest job categories for 2021 - and ecommerce was top of the list. The site has seen an increase of 143% in roles advertised compared to the previous year - surely because of this online shopping boom.

This type of retail covers lots of different roles to keep up with customer demand, from customer service to delivery drivers, and warehouse pickers to warehouse managers.

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2. Health and social care sectors unsurprisingly saw pandemic growth

During a global health crisis, it’s no surprise that healthcare organisations have hired big recently. Of course, the NHS has needed more staff - from doctors and nurses, to support workers, 111 call handlers, porters and cleaners too. And private healthcare providers have also needed to recruit care home staff - or at-home care staff.

With an ageing population in the UK, social care is another safe sector to consider for a long career.

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3. Building and construction

Lockdown restrictions didn’t affect UK home builders, which were able to keep working during the pandemic.

As well as a demand for new housing, the sheer numbers of people working from home - and wanting to renovate their space or add a home office - meant that this sector has experienced huge growth. The result? During 2020 there was a 132% increase in building and construction roles advertised on LinkedIn.

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4. Hospitality - a sector that's now showing growth for post-COVID

While it’s true that hospitality wasn't a business sector that saw growth during the pandemic, it is now showing huge increases. With pubs and restaurants opening up again there’s been a massive rise in available hospitality roles. Some recruitment data even shows a 395% leap from April 2020 to April 2021.

But as indoor dining resumes there’s also a chronic shortage of hospitality staff - particularly chefs and front-of-house staff like waiters and bartenders.

Some people understandably feel cautious about working in hospitality, perhaps nervous about what another future lockdown could mean for their job. But it’s worth knowing that the work is there if you want it, even temporarily - whatever the future may hold.

And employers are trying to attract new recruits, with more shifts that suit working parents and flexitime. At HR GO we’ve even heard of some chains offering bonuses for new staff.

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Be work-ready

While you’re looking to make your next move into another sector, it’s worth polishing up your CV and thinking about whether it’s time to update your skills or gain new ones. Read about free courses to sharpen up your digital skills to get work-ready, here.

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