Why online assessment finds the right talent faster

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Online assessment can help you find the answers to some key questions: How do you know a candidate really has the skills listed on their CV? Or how they’ll cope under pressure if they get the job? 

Savvy questioning during an interview might give a general idea, but to reach a more informed decision before getting to that stage, you can also ask them to complete an online assessment.

This type of testing is worth its weight in gold because it can help weed out those who won’t be a good fit for a new role to focus on interviewing only the best qualified. What’s more, it’s quick for candidates to do from home whenever it suits.

Testing skills

Online assessment is a great way to gage levels of basic skills like literacy and numeracy, as well as specific skills and proficiencies.

For example, you may be recruiting for a call centre role that relies heavily on listening, keying and data entry, or secretarial work for which fast, accurate audio typing and thorough knowledge of Microsoft Office is a must. Screening gives a good indication of how a candidate will perform day-to-day in the job.

Finding out behaviour

Online psychometric assessment, meanwhile, gives an insight into how a candidate might behave at work. That includes finding out their strengths and limitations, how they communicate, how they cope under pressure and what motivates them - as well as their potential value to your business - all before you’ve spent any time or resources on interviewing them.

If you do decide to meet a candidate face-to-face (or virtually over video or Skype), you can use the test findings to probe any areas worth exploring further.

Why else use online assessment?

  • It reduces recruiting time. Pre-screening candidates cuts down the amount of time it takes to recruit someone new. This is a smart move in a candidate-driven job market as businesses that delay are more likely to see the strongest employees get snapped up by their rivals.
  • It weeds out inaccurate information. According to a US survey in 2017, a whopping 85% of job candidates fib on their CVs. Asking someone to prove they’re as skilled as they claim can only be a good thing.
  • It prevents costly mistakes. Hiring the wrong person can turn out to be an expensive error for your business - an average of £8,200 (rising to £12,000 for senior managers or directors) according to the CIPD.
  • It suits candidates. An online assessment can be done quickly from home, and at a time that’s convenient. Plus, for people who have great skills but wouldn’t normally stand out in interviews, it’s a chance to shine. 

Building up a bigger picture

At HR GO, we’re excited to be using Thomas International online testing to help us find the right talent for our clients more effectively.

We now test a range of skills and proficiencies including call centre data entry; Office 2010 (as well as 2007, 2003 and 2000); audio typing; email/internet address typing; secretarial shorthand; IT and health and safety. Depending on the role they’re applying for, candidates may also be asked to complete a personal profile analysis (PPA) psychometric assessment.

Online assessment is a fantastic tool to get a better idea of a candidate’s skill sets, motivation and all-round personality - and in today’s competitive market, anything that enables a sound hiring decision ticks all the boxes.

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