Why working with a recruitment agency gets you better jobs

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You may think that working with a recruitment agency when there are so many jobs available is unnecessary. But in some cases, jobs aren’t posted publicly and only come through recruitment agencies like HR GO. We also have a large network of clients across the country that we can sort through on your behalf. The best part is we supply free career help and advice to find a true match to your ideal role in your ideal company.

We get to know you & your career goals

Working with a recruitment agency includes meeting one-on-one with an expert who works with new candidates every day. Our consultants are motivated to find you a position you will be happy in that supports your career goals. We consider your skills, experience, circumstances, and even your personality type to help determine what will work best for you.

Offering free personality and skills tests

Have you struggled with feeling out of place in a previous job? It might be because the company culture just wasn’t right for you. That’s why we offer free, scientifically proven psychometric tests online which identify your skills, personality and abilities. You can take 4 fun tests online when you register with us.

Expert CV help sets you up for success

We know what makes a CV stand out from the crowd because we review hundreds every day. If your CV has gaps that need filling, any technical issues or common mistakes that need eliminating, we’ll spot those. You might need to make a stronger case for yourself or need to clarify something – and we’ll advise on that too. Making sure your CV is the best it can be gives you a huge advantage in finding your dream job.

Insider industry knowledge 

We have decades of experience working with multiple industries. That means we can advise on what skills they look for that may not even be in their job descriptions. We can also interpret specific language they may use that’s peculiar to their industry and new to you.

Helping you get your foot in the door

Yes, we are working with our client to find the best candidate for their role. But we are also acting as your agent. We can build a strong case for you to have an interview if we feel you’re right for the role. That’s even if you don’t have all of the qualifications they’re asking for.

We also follow up with you after your interview to provide you with feedback from the client. You’ll hear as soon as we know if you’re progressing to the next stage. But even if you’re not, this gives you a chance to find out ways you can improve next time. And that’s valuable information you may not have been able to obtain otherwise.

Knowing the company helps us prep you

When we sign on a new client, we work to get to know them really well. We assess their company culture as well as learning what they’re looking for in their candidates. It’s an invaluable part of working with a recruitment agency because we will have a good idea if you’d fit the bill. We’ll also know who in the company you’re interviewing with and that helps us better prepare you for what to expect and how to succeed.

Identifying where else your skillset works

Even if your first choice of a role doesn’t work out, we often have additional opportunities that match your skillset – sometimes for a career you hadn’t even considered before. And maybe even something you’d be happier doing. Or perhaps you need additional skills before you’re ready for the career you’ve envisaged. We can help identify those areas and get you on the right path.

With HR GO, you can get started in multiple ways: 

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