Meet our latest intern: Lorato Malebe

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Today's the last day at HR GO for one of our brilliant interns, Lorato Malebe, who has been with us for 6 weeks. We asked Lorato what she's been working on and how she's enjoyed her time at HR GO:

How have you spent your time at HR GO?

I hit the ground running by working on a financial management solution for the group with the Finance and IT departments. I spent 2 or so weeks testing the new system before go live. I worked closely with system developers conducting testing and correcting defects to ensure the system works seamlessly and had a user-friendly interface post go live. I created a step by step user guide for the various teams which will be using the system to report expenses, for example, to make the process as understandable as possible.

The remainder of my internship was spent researching the labour market. I was tasked with creating a business proposal for a potential new product for HR GO to add to their product catalogue, so I spent time researching the labour market to provide the most accurate information which will remain valuable to HR GO for years to come. The report will then be presented to the Board of the Group! ūüėä

What have you learned here?

Invaluable skills I have honed during my internship has been research skills and a renewed eagerness to learn. As an accounting & finance and economics student having explored IT and Digital, this has led to a new interest in this avenue which I intend to incorporate into my career. Working with higher level managers who have trusted me to produce quality work independently has given me confidence and motivation to provide consistently good work and an eagerness to learn, research and think on my own two feet, knowing that I am making a real and valuable contribution to the group.

What was the highlight?

My highlight has been being surrounded by wonderful colleagues who pick my brain and explore my thoughts and be confident in my work. I found an environment where I can be an individual yet within a team, and have my ideas, no matter how crazy, listened to and encouraged. It has been a great experience which I will always remember, and I am eternally thankful for the opportunity!

If you're interested in applying for an internship with HR GO, check with your university.

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