How to help your temps feel part of the team

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For many employers, helping your temps feel like part of your team is essential to good business. That's because temp staff make up a key part of your workforce. This is especially the case during busy times of year like the run up to Christmas.

Of course, you want your permanent staff to be completely integrated into your workforce. But do your temp staff feel as included and supported as they should? Let’s look at the best steps to take.

Help your temps feel part of the team by welcoming them

Do your temporary workers go unnoticed on their first day? Or are they welcomed in like any other new employee? Going into a new workplace where you don’t know anyone can be an isolating experience. Introduce them to other employees, especially those whose workstations are near theirs.

We feel a proper induction and onboarding process are as important for temporary staff as they are for permanent employees. Take the time for an in-person tour, or a virtual tour of the organisation if they’re starting remotely. You can read more of our tips on how to make new starters feel welcome remotely. And if you're hiring temps for a remote position, you'll also want to read our guide on what to look for in a new remote employee.

Be well prepared for their arrival

Nothing gives someone the impression that they’re not valued more than having to ‘make do’ on their first day. So make sure their workstation, IT and supplies are all sorted before they start work.

Your goal should be to make your new team member feel welcome and easily fit into the company from their first hour with you.

Bring them a buddy - a sure fire way to help your temps feel part of the team

It’s no surprise that starting a new temping role at a company where you don’t know anyone can feel a little intimidating. A buddy system is a way to help temps feel connected with the existing team. Having a friendly face to answer questions can help them feel more welcome.

Even better? Providing your temp with a willing buddy they can shadow for a day or two, if it’s relevant to the role.

Invite everyone to team get togethers

Seeing everyone else troop off for an evening out or a work lunch can be dispiriting. You want your temps to feel like part of the team, not like they're outcasts. So make every effort to be inclusive with socialising plans and work events.

Of course, it’s understandable if a work event had to be booked and paid for well before that temp started. But getting a chance to mix outside working hours can boost morale and foster strong team connections. These occasions also offer opportunities for real friendships to blossom, which studies show 

Communicate every day

You don’t want your temps to feel forgotten about once they start work. Feeling welcomed and supported goes beyond the first day's induction. Aim to talk to them in person or on the phone at the end of their first day at work, then in the days after that.

Everyone wants to know how they’re doing in their job, and that goes for temporary staff too. Giving them feedback can help them improve their performance and motivate them to give 100% while they’re there.

Consider asking them for feedback, too. What can you learn from their observations about the role, the team they’re working with or anything they’ve noticed about the company culture?

Include temps in meetings

Invite temp staff to attend meetings as if they were permanent staff. That includes catch ups about projects that might finish when they’re no longer with you . Or, future goals down the line (excluding meetings involving commercially sensitive information).

What’s the point of asking temporary staff to meetings if they’re only here in the short-term? Being as inclusive as possible brings many benefits. First, the temps will get to know how their role fits with the rest of the company. Their input and perspective as someone who’s worked in different companies could also be valuable.

Stretch them

Chances are, your temporary workers don’t want to be temporary forever. And of course, they have varied skill sets and diverse work experiences that equip them for more than the tasks they’re doing in their current role.

Ask them about their work history and future goals. They might be able to extend their work remit while they’re with you. Or you could introduce them to people who could help with their next permanent job.

Value every team member

It doesn’t matter whether a temp is with you for a day, a week, a month, or a year. At HR GO, we match temporary staff with organisations every day. And we see that to get motivated temps, you need to work towards an inclusive workplace culture for everyone.

They’ll feel more engaged and productive. And one of them might turn out to be your next star permanent employee.

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