Teachright on the GO - Education specialists join HR GO brand

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Teachright join HR GO, expanding our national brand

Teachright joined the HR GO Group as a joint venture (and separate brand) in the summer of 2019. Now they join us as HR GO education specialists taking the next step to fully become part of the national HR GO Recruitment team.  Starting with just one South East branch in Kent, the joint venture branched out further. Our education sector now covers not only the South East but also East Anglia and the North West as well. 

When first joining the group, Teachright promised a fresh approach to helping schools find their educational staff. Their knowledgeable team used their expert understanding of the teaching markets to provide schools with the best local talent. In addition, they were committed to giving free educational solutions back to their schools.  

What sets HR GO's new education specialists apart

Paul Cater, one of the founding directors of Teachright states: “We feel there is sometimes a disconnection between a school and a recruiter at the end of a telephone line. That's why we don't just serve our schools by remote contact. Our team takes the time to visit our schools to really understand their challenges and culture and to work in partnership with them. And, as former educators, we want to give something back. For example, we provide free sports coaching for pupils and behaviour management training for their staff. 

“Our education specialists won’t send candidates to schools on the strength of a CV. We’ve found that isn’t the best way. We want to meet people, find out what they’re about, and what they can give to education. Only then can we find the right fit for them. This usually leads to our candidates being more successful and better for the young people. 

“Our aim is to build long-term partnerships with schools by demonstrating that we are the best agency for them to work with. We’re bringing something different to the educational recruitment market.” 

Our education specialists keep their core values & gain new tech solutions

These aims and approaches held throughout their time as Teachright will continue under the HR GO Recruitment brand. And their core values and excellent service will also continue. By joining the HR GO brand, our education specialists will be even better positioned to serve their mission. That's because they will now have access to additional tools including the Candidate Account Area and Real-Time Client Portal. And these are just a couple of the benefits that come with merging with the nationally recognised brand. 

Learn more about our education sector, the personalised services they provide and their teams at 3 branches from the education sector pages on our website. Looking for teaching professionals and school staff? Check out our education services page. For teachers and school staff, check out our latest education sector jobs.

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