Why you should let Teachright help find you a job

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Why should you use a recruitment agency to find a new position?

You may think it is easier to find a job yourself – through searching job boards or even contacting schools directly. Of course, this is a perfectly valid method and can be successful for many candidates. But it can be fairly time consuming and you may miss out on a role that could be perfect for you.

So why use Teachright? And how will it help you?

We care about where you work

Unlike some other recruitment agencies, we are not just out to make money. We genuinely care about making sure that educators are placed in schools that fit their needs. Many of our education specialists have previously worked in education settings, before moving into recruitment. We understand the importance of creating inspirational learning environments to allow students to thrive.

Education is our passion – it’s in our DNA. That’s why we truly care about understanding the needs of the candidates we work with. We speak to every candidate at length about what they are looking for in a school environment. We also ensure we understand the ethos’ of the schools we work with, which allows us to bring together the perfect match.

We have a large pool of partner schools

Finding the right school for your needs is important. But it can be quite difficult if you are doing it yourself. We have built up a large pool of partner schools, with whom we are regularly in contact to ensure their needs are catered for.

Thanks to this, we can keep you up to date with any new opportunities that arise which we think would be right for you.

We can also represent you to the schools we work with, opening you up to opportunities that you may not otherwise be able to find through the conventional methods.

We can give advice and help you gain experience

We have experience on both sides of the coin – as educators and as recruiters. This means we can provide valuable insight when helping you find a job. Whether it is tips for improving your skills, interview guidance or any other suggestions that may help you, as your recruiter we will endeavour to provide you with all the advice you need when finding a job.

We will also suggest ways in which you can gain experience. We regularly get short term opportunities - such as daily supply or online tutoring roles. These are good ways to gain in-school genuine, paid experience which will help you improve as an educator, as well as building up your CV.

Contact us today!

There are many opportunities presenting themselves to educators in the coming months. The coronavirus pandemic has meant online tutors and daily supply staff are likely to be in high demand for the foreseeable future, coving self-isolation periods. Schools are also starting to turn their attention to January starters – maybe you could start the new year with a new job!

Whatever your needs are, we would love to hear from you. You can find and contact your local branch here, or check out our latest vacancies.

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