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COVID-19 is causing unprecedented disruption throughout the country, particularly schools.

As of Monday 23rd March, schools throughout the country will be closed to everyone except the children of key workers and pupils with ECHP plans.

The rest of the country have been advised to social distance and avoid all unnecessary contact where possible.

The result of this is that, for schools looking to hire in September, it will be almost impossible to meet potential candidates. However, there are ways around this – and we are keen to help you.

How We Can Help

We value our relationships with the schools and education institutions we work with and will do all we can to help them through this time.

If you are looking for staff to start in September, we can make the process simpler for you. We will source candidates from various job boards, social media and our large database. These candidates will then be fully screened over the phone to ensure they are suitable for your needs, whilst we will also check the references. We will then provide you with all the information you require to narrow down the shortlist.

Video Interviews

Though it will be extremely difficult for you too meet candidates in person, Skype/Facetime or similar interviews provide an extremely good back up.

Almost all candidates will have access to some form of video calling technology and this will give you the opportunity to meet them virtually and learn about their experience, qualifications and skills.

How should you conduct a video interview? In general, conduct it as you would a face to face interview, with a few caveats.

Firstly, ensure that your technology is sufficient, and you have a strong internet connection. It may be useful to test these internally before the scheduled interview and have a backup plan, in case any issues arise.

Secondly, ensure you find a quiet location to carry out the interview. Background noise or distractions have the potential to ruin the interview.

Finally, you must try to sit as still as possible and act normally. Candidates are nervous enough that, with the added complication of video technology, it is important that you make them feel comfortably, so that you can effectively assess their capability.

Reduced Fees

Please contact your nearest location to find out more about what we can offer in terms of discounts on placement and temporary to permanent fees.

Teachright are agile, open and ready to help.

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