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HR GO Recruitment announces the launch of its 2020 Salary Guide

The guide is formulated using data collected from online tools such as job boards, Payscale and, as well as the knowledge and insight of our skilled consultants and business partners. It uses 2019 figures, adjusted using indexes such as inflation, to suggest average salaries for a wide range of roles across various sectors.

However, 2020 has not turned out how anyone could have expected. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought social and economic uncertainty to the world – particularly within the employment landscape. This guide was produced before the coronavirus hit. Whilst we are aware that the situation in many sectors will be disrupted, we believe that this guide still provides a useful benchmark for businesses to consider. Our consultants are on hand to provide additional advice and information on how salaries may have been impacted within your sector.

In recent times, the jobs market has been short of candidates. Employment levels have been continuously rising for years and the demand for quality candidates has been high. The near future is likely to see this reverse. The Government put in place the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme saving many jobs. However, it is inevitable that many redundancies will occur, and unemployment will increase.

Recruitment data since the pandemic began show that candidate supply is rising at levels last seen just over a decade ago - post-financial crash. They have also seen starting salaries dropping steeply through April and May, due to lower demand and budget cuts at hiring businesses. We will continue tracking this picture to learn whether this is a temporary dip as we move out of lockdown in June and July.

Data included in the 2020 Salary Guide

If you are recruiting and need to know where to pitch your salaries our Salary Guide can still prove to be a useful tool for your business to use. Salaries are broken down by different UK regions: London, South East, South West, Midlands, North, East Anglia, Scotland and Northern Ireland. With averages quoted for permanent and temporary staff across the Automotive, Aviation, Catering & Hospitality, Construction, Driving, Health & Social Care, Industrial and Office & Professional sectors. These benchmarks give you an idea of the average salary in your area/industry and, together with the latest market feedback, can help inform you when making hiring decisions.

Our consultants are also here to provide advice, support and guidance as the country gets back to work. Find your local branch here.

Request your free copy of the Salary Guide here.

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