Starting School Again After Half Term

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So, you’ve had a week off. You’ve (hopefully) managed to relax, maybe you’ve taken a little trip away, or spent time with family and friends.

Then, just like that, it’s Monday morning again and you’re back in school.

But how do you get started again after your break?

Preparation is key

Start preparing prior to Monday.

Firstly, get as much planning and materials prepared as possible. This will save you a lot of time once the term is in full swing. Although doing this during your holiday is not ideal. Getting as much as possible done – whilst still making sure you take the time to rest – will help you at a later date.

The second part of the preparation refers to your mental and emotional state. Waking up a 6am on the Monday morning will come as a bit of a shock to the system. Get your body clock on track before by going to bed and waking up slightly earlier. That way you won’t need as much coffee on Monday morning!

Write a to do list

This will help you on day one. Write down some achievable targets for the day, week, month and term. The target for day one may even be simply getting through the day in one piece!

Having targets and goals will give you motivation to achieve

Use the enthusiastic kids

Although a lot of students will be dreading going back just as much as you – not all of them will. For some, going to school is enjoyable. They love learning and they get to spend the day with their friends. They thrive on the community and environment.

Take advantage of that. Use the energy and enthusiasm that they bring to school to inspire you.

Use your colleagues

You are all in the same boat. When you arrive at school, take some time to communicate with your colleagues. It will help you settle back into the environment and remind you that you are all in the same shoes.


Finally, remember that the next break is just around the corner. Though it may seem like the distant future, it is only about six weeks. It’ll whizz by!

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