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The UK is a world leader in aviation, with around 200,000 people working at airports or for airlines in this country. If you’re going for an aviation-related role it’s great to arm yourself with some basics about the sector. Here are four things it could help to know about if you want to see your career soar.

1. UK aviation is reaching new heights

The UK aviation sector is the biggest in Europe, with official figures putting it as worth over £22 billion to the UK economy.

According to the government, in 2015 the UK had the largest air transport system in Europe, serving 250 million terminal passengers. All this means that there are masses of job opportunities and dynamic careers on offer.

2. Working in aviation isn’t just about flying

Most careers in aviation don’t actually involve taking off. Anyone who’s flown on holiday has had a snapshot of the hundreds of people it takes to work together to ensure the safe and smooth running of just one plane in just one airport - and these ground staff play a key role in the industry.

There are a multitude of jobs and diverse positions - from baggage and cargo handlers to security personnel and cleaning operatives - plus hundreds more. For example, some of the additional roles we recruit for at HR GO include passenger service agents, ramp agents, customer service agents, flight dispatchers and aircraft de-icers.

3. There are three main areas of employment

Careers in aviation generally fall into three areas: airports, airlines and third-party work like freight handling.

To give you an idea of where most people work in aviation, here’s a breakdown according to the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport:

  • 60% are employed by airlines or their handling agents
  • 11% are employed by the airport operator
  • 9% are employed in concessions such as restaurants
  • 6% are employed by control agencies like the UK Border Agency
  • 5% are employed by freight and cargo handlers

4. Innovation is impacting the industry

Cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are set to transform aviation - from passenger experience to flight operations and maintenance management - and in the UK this is especially so.

Innovations are set to make things more enjoyable for passengers as well as more efficient for airlines. And while there are concerns that they’ll affect how many ‘human workers’ are ultimately needed - up in the sky as well as on the ground, it’s also true that new types of roles will become more sought after in the industry.

As we discussed in our recent blog post, new technologies mean that tech careers like data analysis are set to play a far greater role in aviation in the future.

At HR GO Aviation, we’re a member of the Airport Operators Association (AOA) and make sure we keep updated with the very latest developments in personnel trends.

Look to the skies

Even roles on the ground have a key role in keeping the planes flying - and making sure passengers get safely to their destinations.

Aviation means playing your part in a huge, varied team with a shared outcome. Is it time you reached new heights in an aviation career?

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