Becoming a SEND Teacher

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Special Educational Needs (SEN) Teaching is a particularly rewarding part of the education system. They provide extra support and guidance to those who require it, helping them to reach their full potential.

What you’ll be doing

SEN Teachers work closely with children who require it due to a disability (physical or mental) or learning difficulty. This could either be in a group or 1:1 capacity. The role involves many aspects of development. Not only are you teaching the national curriculum subjects, it is important to inspire self-confidence and independence in the student.

For these reasons, a SEN Teacher needs to possess fitting personal attributes.

Personal Attributes

Working in a special education needs environment can be challenging, so requires calmness and patience. Interpersonal and communication skills are vital, allowing you to connect with the students you are teaching. Given that many will struggle to express their emotions, you will sometimes need to use innovative methods to reach out to them. SEN Teachers must be sensitive and come across in a caring manner.

You may face difficult situations, so resilience is an extremely important trait. However, though challenging, seeing progress in your students can be extremely rewarding.


To become a SEN teacher, you will first need to experience teaching in a mainstream environment. For this, you will require Qualified Teacher Status, which can be acquired in different ways. Some people study an education-based degree, whilst some study PGCE’s as postgraduates.

It is then possible to move into a SEN environment. It does also help if you have some experience working with SEN students, either as a SEN Teaching Assistant or in a voluntary capacity. This allows you to gain an insight into the requirements of the role.

Once you are teaching SEN students, it’s possible to gain a National Qualification for SENCo, allowing you to become a SEN Co-ordinator – a more senior role.

How can we help

We often work with SEN schools looking to hire new members of staff at various levels – on both a long term and daily supply basis. Our knowledgeable consultants are also happy to provide advice and support on decisions and next steps in your career, to help you further yourself.

Contact us today to find out more.

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