Get the most out of working with a recruitment agency

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HR GO is one of the UK's top recruitment agencies, with dozens of branches across the country. So we can provide you with some top tips on how working with a recruitment agency works, and how you can get the most from the partnership.

We advise you on ways to improve your CV 

We review hundreds of CVs throughout the day. So, we know when we read a CV that stands out from the crowd. We can advise you on potential areas you may be able to improve on your CV. This helps give you an advantage in finding your dream job.

We understand the industry you want to work in 

Many industries have specific language they use that can be confusing. Our expertise in many sectors means we're able to advise you on what the company is looking for and what skills they want. This will also help you to tailor your CV to each particular job/role. 

We help you get your foot in the door

Whilst we are also working with our client to find the right candidate for the role, we also act as your agent. We always screen candidates before putting you forward to the company. That gives you a  chance to speak to us and find out more about the role and company. It also gives us a chance to get to know you and build a strong case for you to have an interview.

If you do have an interview with the company, we provide you with feedback about how your interview went. This is always a positive because it may mean you are moving to the next stage of the recruitment process. Or it gives you a chance to find out how you can improve for next time. 

We help prepare you for interviews

This is an invaluable part of working with a recruitment agency. Remember, we are working with you and the company so we have a really good idea of what the company is looking for. We will know who your interview will be with which is always helpful. We will also advise you on how to explain any gaps on your CV. 

More often that not, we can provide multiple opportunities for you

You may have applied for just one specific role. But if this does not work out for whatever reason, we often have additional opportunities you can take advantage of that match your skillset. 

With HR GO, there are multiple ways you can get started. You can register online so we can contact you when we have a job that meets your requirements. Or you can browse our available jobs and apply for something that looks interesting. Alternatively, you can find your closest local branch and chat with one of our friendly consultants about job opportunities. 


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