The smart way to job hunt on your mobile

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The smart way to job hunt on your mobile

Get it done quick, or wait until later to apply?

If you’re job-hunting, your smartphone’s probably playing a key role. Job search apps, mobile responsive websites and social media mean you’re never more than a swipe and click out of the loop and it’s easy to get the heads up on brand new roles.

And when it comes to actually applying for those roles, your phone has that covered too. Whether you’re in the queue for lunch or waiting to be called for an appointment, it’s now simple to manage the whole application process wherever you are.

Find your CV

Most applications ask for your CV, either emailed across or uploaded directly onto the application form. So it’s a good idea to store it as a PDF in your emails, in the cloud in Google Drive or Dropbox, or as a screenshot in your photos.

Many job boards also let you save a copy of your CV in their system. If you’re applying to a role that we’re advertising at HR GO, just add your CV to our document library to access it when you click ‘CV upload’.

Keep your head

According to LinkedIn, if you apply to a job on the first day it’s listed you’re actually 10% more likely to land the role.So that’s where being able to apply from your smartphone when you spot a juicy role can pack a powerful punch.But clearly you still need to take enough time to get it 100% right - something that might be more of a challenge when enthusiasm takes over in the heat of the moment.

If you rush an application, you risk letting spelling mistakes through, (worst of all has to be misspelling the company name or person you’re contacting), or you may not pick up on autocorrect when it’s changed words incorrectly.

You might not put the time into personalising your application, which can make it look like you’re blanket-applying and don’t particularly care about that specific role.

Maybe you’ll press ‘send’ by accident before you’re happy with what you’ve included. Or perhaps you’ll forget who you’re contacting and use text speak or emojis, out of habit!

When it pays to wait

So while it’s great to be able to apply for jobs quickly from your smartphone, sometimes it’s better to email it to yourself or bookmark the link for when you can get to a desktop computer later.

For example, when you spot that a role focuses on a particular skill and you know that tweaking your CV will make you a stronger candidate as it’s not always easy to edit a document on your phone.

And while at HR GO we make it easy for people to apply from anywhere - as do the other main job boards - this isn’t true for all recruiters. Not all websites are mobile-friendly, still carrying fiddly text fields that you can only see fully when you zoom in.

Of course, there’s also the danger that browsing on your mobile on the go when you might not be able to concentrate could put you at greater risk of falling for a job scam.So just like any other professional communication, find somewhere distraction-free, plus take a minute to proof read and double check what you’re sending.

Yes, your next job is literally at your fingertips - but only if what you send to a potential boss showcases you as the best candidate you know you can be.

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