Your 4-step guide to landing a job this summer

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 Leaving school or university means the whole of the summer stretches out in front of you. You might be hoping for months of relaxing in the sunshine after the stresses and strains of exams, but what’s probably more likely is that you need to find a job to earn some cash, pronto. 

Whatever your circumstances, the right strategy will help you make the transition from student to employee as painlessly as possible this summer.

Make your CV a winner

Whether you find a job online or face-to-face, having a great CV is still a crucial part of finding work. So if you haven’t already written one, now’s the time.

Not sure where to start, or concerned you won’t have much to put on there? Check out the templates we’ve prepared, here. They’re perfect for graduates or school leavers in particular.

Our three pieces of crucial advice for making your CV stand out from the crowd are:

  • Tailor your CV to each role and company you apply for.
  • Aim for a maximum of one (or two at a push) sides of A4.
  • Make sure you check, check and check again for any typos or grammatical mistakes.

Join a recruitment agency

Job-hunting online can be a fantastic way to spot potential temporary and permanent roles - particularly if you sign up for email alerts via job boards.

But it’s also a great idea to join a recruitment agency, too. Not only will consultants help you navigate the whole job-hunting process but they’ll also coach you in how to put in your best performance at interview - both invaluable things if you’re new to the workplace.

Companies who are looking to hire often liaise directly with agencies to tap into their candidate databases. Not all roles are advertised widely online, so if your skills and experience match what an employer is looking for and you’re on that agency’s books, it can help you land an interview.

Target summer sectors

If you’d rather avoid a permanent role until you’ve decided exactly what sector to go into, a temporary summer job might be just the ticket. 

The hospitality industry tends to hire heavily for the summer season - think festivals, restaurants, tourist attractions, theme parks and holiday camps in particular. At HR GO, we work with multiple sectors who are looking to hire over the summer - especially in the Catering & Hospitality sector nationwide. 

Another reason to consider a summer job is that there’s a chance you can turn it into a permanent role. Read more about how to be seen as someone who deserves a place on the team after the season’s over, here (although that particular blog post is about Christmas jobs it’s applicable to summer roles too). 

Tell everyone you’re looking

Sure, people might know you’re leaving school or university - but do they know you’re actively looking for work this summer too?

Someone you know - or a person in your circle knows - may work for a company that’s looking to recruit. So announce it on your social media, and ask others to as well, plus send round an email to your contacts list.

Many companies prefer to hire candidates that one of their existing employees already knows and can vouch for, which is why tapping into your extended network can pay dividends.

Who knows? A passing mention in conversation could actually go on to shape your future career - for ever!




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