Newham University Hospital

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The case

After securing the contract to supply in November 2017, HR GO’s Upminster branch – led by Branch Manager Louise Jackson – drastically improved the hospital’s Soft FM staffing performance from the outset. Previously, incorrect workers, or those without sufficient English speaking ability had been provided through a service that had become complacent and lacked ‘oomph’.

Louise and her team set about ensuring minimum standards to be in place at all times. For the candidates, this included full DBS checks, language proficiency assessments, skills testing (e.g. Food Hygiene Certification), face to face interviews, and experience evaluations. For our staff, this included delivering a collaborative presence on all on-site inductions, scheduled review meetings, and providing 24/7 on-call availability through Louise as the Account Manager, and her Principal Consultant. Both have been mainstays in running the supply, being both client and candidate-facing, to ensure the service is in sync across all areas.

Supplying via Comensura’s C.NET system for dedicated and direct ordering, we began by immediately placing against a headcount requirement of 50 workers. Working to the measures mentioned above and maintaining a strong, personal dialogue with designated NHS Dept. Managers, the team have catered to the hospital’s rising requirements of up to 65 workers. With the same management and performance model in place at our other branches now also supplying to hospitals via Serco - including Ashford and Canterbury – HR GO aim to replicate its success for Newham University Hospital into other NHS establishments across the country through our expansive branch network.

Roles Supplied

Catering, Domestic Cleaners, Porters, Litter Pickers, Car Park Attendants, Baristas, Chefs, Ward Hostesses.


All workers are DBS checked.


“It was a pleasure working with you from the very first introduction through go live to present. Your pleasant, professional approach instils a lot of confidence and provides great PR for your brand. Thanks to you I am 100% confident that if I come to you with a request, I will get an efficient response and that you’ll do all you can to get a positive resolution returned and that is simply brilliant!!!” Delasi Dawson-Coker – Comensura Business Partner.


24/7 On-Call Availability, Skills Tests, Integrated Inductions, CSR Initiatives, Review Meetings.

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