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A covering letter is an introduction to the employer and accompanies your CV. Your covering letter needs to be good to grab the employer's attention, especially when hundreds of applicants could apply for the same role.

Your covering letter should be tailored to the job you're applying for. It is important to do your research so you build up a good knowledge of the company too.

Why are cover letters so important?

A lot of applications are made without a cover letter so including one will help to make your CV stand out. Your cover letter gives you the chance to market yourself to your potential employer and increases the chance that your CV will be read. Your letter will typically be the first impression that your potential employer will have of you, so you need to make sure that you get it right.

Download our covering letter template to guide you to writing the perfect cover letter.

8 top tips for writing your covering letter:

1. Address the letter correctly and to the right person

2. State the job you're applying for and where you heard about the role

3. Be enthusiastic; the employer will be more likely to consider your application if you sound like you really want the job

4. Refer to your relevant skills for the job

5. Do not repeat your CV but summarise and highlight all key points

6. Keep your covering letter short and sweet - no more than one side of A4

7. End positively - for instance, say how much you look forward to hearing their response

8. Proofread - check for mistakes and ask others to take a glance too

When you've completed writing your covering letter, you're ready to attach to your CV and send to your prospective employer. Good luck with your job search!



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