“Get Your Scrum Face On”

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The Scrum story… How it all began

Imagine you are on the pitch surrounded by people. You are all packed closely together with your heads down and joined in three rows. Your head is interlocked with those of the other side’s front row. And everyone is waiting for you all to be ready! But…Ready for what? 

You can feel the tension building around you. The others push you forward as someone throws something into the circle. And now you literally find yourself in the middle of a fight, competing to get the possession of what looks like, a wad of money?

You should know what I’m talking about by now. Yes, yes, yes, correct! This is a rugby scrum but a very particular one. Specially because in this match there’s no ball, there’s £150 at stake! Are you willing to compete to win the cash?

We’d like to see you fight as hard as possible to get all your opponents out of the way. How?

It is very easy. As we can’t be there in the very moment to catch sight of that mean face of yours we would like you to Get Your Scrum Face On! We want you to recreate and capture that instant when you were trying to push your opponents out of the way so you could win.

Ready? Go! Take a picture of your most aggressive face and upload the photo on our Twitter or Facebook accounts. The competition closes on 11th October 2015 which means you have plenty of time to win the fight.

The winner will be announced on 16th October 2015 on our social media pages and contacted by direct message via Twitter or Facebook.

*Full terms and conditions available here

What are we looking for?

We can’t wait to see your funniest, aggressive, scrum faces. Surely your face has to be worth £150? You will have to make us laugh out loud for days, so be as mean you can!

Not convinced yet?

Just think, if a smile goes a long way to help get that dream job of yours, then you’re more aggressive face can be a little extra help for your pocket!



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