A new satnav will stop lorries getting stuck

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It’s common to hear stories of lorry drivers that blindly follow their satnav directions and end up stuck in a narrow country lane. But the days of this kind of disaster could be numbered thanks to a new satnav device launched by TOMTOM.

TomTom Trucker 6000 is a new portable navigation device specifically designed for people who drive large vehicles for a living. This new device will ensure that drivers are following the right route because it includes customised routes for the user’s specific vehicle type, size, cargo and speed.

This new version TomTom also informs lorry drivers about traffic conditions and the position of the speed cameras on their route, as well as making users aware about tailbacks and traffic jams.

We recall the story of a lorry driver from Wisbech, Cambridgeshire who got stuck between two walls after his satnav sent him down a muddy country lane. This driver decided to trust his satnav even after seeing a road sign warning of dangers to heavy vehicles. This new device would definitely have been perfect for him!

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