Cringe-worthy mistakes common with first time job applicants

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When you're looking for work, avoid these 6 cringe-worthy rookie mistakes.

Job hunting is tough and getting invited to attend an interview is even tougher. Impressing the employer is your number one objective.

But there are a number of things you may be doing that are hurting your chances of making a lasting impression, for the right reasons!

1. Not following simple instructions

Don't get your application thrown in the bin by showing a lack of attention to detail.

2. It's all about the timing

So, drag yourself off the Xbox and ensure you leave yourself plenty of time to apply. There's no excuse for submitting a late application.

3. Poor grammar and/or spelling errors

Don't write in text speak B/C it makes u look like a iddiot and spelling mistakes are inexcusable. Proofread and then proofread again!

4. Your silly email address... speaks volumes about you! You can easily register for a new email specifically for work and keep your old one for personal use.

5. Your silly voicemail greeting...

A missed call leading to an inane voicemail greeting from Darth Vader may amuse your friends. But it will also put into question your ability to do the job.

6. Your use of social media

Rightly or wrongly a potential employer will Google you. So take caution online and consider kissing the job goodbye if you have any compromising or inappropriate posts. Dissing previous bosses and lying about qualifications also leave a sour taste. Rules to live by now you're a grownup: when in doubt, don't post it.

Cringe-worthy mistakes infographic

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