Top 5 Reasons to Work in the Catering & Hospitality Industry

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With further economic recovery predicted and forecasts indicating record-breaking years to come for the hospitality industry, now has never been a better time to join the two million others who already work in the sector.

Yes, it’s hard work, with long and tiring shifts, but the rewards are amazing. Which is why you’ll rarely find someone who works within the industry who doesn’t have a passion for it!

Here are my top 5 reasons why people choose the Catering & Hospitality sector as a career choice.

1. Clear defined career path

You don’t need any higher education to get started in hospitality, even if you’re aiming for management. But if that is the route you choose, there is a clear set of recognised hospitality qualifications that are fully accepted across the industry, with hundreds of institutions up and down the country that offer training to complete those qualifications.

2. Amazing Opportunities

The world over has a hospitality industry, thus making the sector the largest job provider and with your transferable skills you have an amazing opportunity to live in incredible places, discover and explore new cultures and people.

3.Great Benefits

OK, so it may not be the greatest reason to take up a career and although working night and weekends may not be everyone’s ideal, the perks of the hospitality industry are well documented and can be amazing; a far cry for the annual office Christmas party!

4. Creativity

Regardless of the job you do within the catering and hospitality sector, there is huge scope to be creative. You are creating a product, be that food, drink or an experience and there is always scope and opportunity to create a new way of making it more memorable for guests

5. Appreciation

There are many jobs that involve thankless work, with people doing them receiving little or no appreciation for their role. This is a real positive for the catering and hospitality industry, where your guests and customers constantly remind you how much they appreciate you and your skills. Regardless of your personal motivations, being thanked for job well done and knowing that you’ve made someone’s day is a wonderful feeling.

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