Top 5 Qualities Employers Expect When Working in Hospitality

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We’ve listed the key five qualities for working in hospitality that employers want and what customers expect. You will also find tips for highlighting these on your CV to ensure your application stands out from the crowd.


  1. Customer Service

    Regardless of your job role and no matter what type of day you’re having, exceptional customer service is expected without exception. Good customer service is all about sending your customers away happy - happy enough to give positive feedback to others.

    Employers look for people who can add value to their business by demonstrating exceptional service and commitment. Highlight these skills to employers by using keywords and phrases, such as patience, attentiveness, ability to use positive language.

    Think about different situations where you can demonstrate how you have impressed a guest or customer with excellent customer service, or how you’ve made an experience so positive for a guest that they want to tell their friends and make them keen to come back.

  2. Multitasking

    At all levels, careers within catering and hospitality require employees to handle multiple responsibilities at the same time. This is especially true when working in a busy kitchen or hotel, so all employers are looking for staff that can demonstrate a varied workload.

    Be sure to highlight your time management and organisational skills and build in phrases to reinforce your ability to adapt efficiently to guests’ needs, whilst managing a variety of projects/tasks

  3. Communication

    If communicating isn’t your strength, it’s time to work harder to make it one; this is an industry where communication is key! It’s not surprising then, that the most successful employees within catering and hospitality are those with exceptional communication skills.

    Not only is it crucial to be able to speak with your customers in a polite, approachable manner, you must also have excellent communication skills when conversing with colleagues. Miscommunication within a kitchen environment can result in disappointed customers and ultimately a cost from wasted food or drinks

    The old cliché of excellent team player is really applicable to the industry. Anyone who’s thrived in a position as part of a team will possess exceptional communication skills. Focus on your ability to interact with customers and colleagues

  4. Attention to detail

    Whether you work in a kitchen or have a customer facing role, your eye for details are what can make a guest’s experience extraordinary and is a key transferable skill when you don’t possess much experience.

    Excelling at creating that experience is everything from making sure that every plate that leaves the kitchen is with exceptional finesse, that the flowers in the hotel are fresh and your uniform is clean and presentable. Use your CV to highlight specific occasions where your skills have shone through.

    Phrases including exceeded guests expectations and ability to focus on crucial details will put you in good stead to prove to potential employers that you have previously gone the extra mile and that you are prepared to go there again.

  5. Language skills

    Hospitality is a truly global industry and being bilingual is particularly appreciated in both major and boutique hotels. Providing a service where an overseas guest feels happy and reassured whenever they receive a smile and a few words of welcome in their native language is invaluable in boosting customer satisfaction.

    Ensure you accurately represent your language skills on your CV by specifying your ability – Basic, conversational or fluent.

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