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Recruiting in Kent? Do it faster and smarter

Remember when you had the luxury of time when it came to recruiting? Fewer vacancies being advertised meant there was no real urgency to snap up a good candidate straight after interview.

Right now in Kent job opportunities are growing while the supply of strong candidates with the right skills for your business is shrinking. Today's job-seekers, in all market sectors, are more able than ever to pick and choose the roles they want. If you have vacancies to fill you need to be able to act quickly!

Using an established Kent recruitment agency is the smart way to recruit the right people more quickly. 


Let our Kent-based recruitment consultants help you:

 We will assign you a local sector specialist to work closely with you, understand your requirements in detail, and help you find the perfect talent for your business

 Using a recruitment agency can save you time and money over doing it yourself in-house by filtering out irrelevant or inappropriate applications, recommending the most suitable for you to interview

 If you have a large workforce to build we can offer discounts available for volume commitments

We are the largest recruitment company in Kent with more than 60 years experience providing permanent, temporary and contract staff to organisations across Kent

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I want to thank you and the team so much for everything you have done you were the only recruitment agency to find me work or even call me! I will definitely recommend you wherever I can and will use you again (should I need you) in the future.

Cherie Mcghie
Kent Candidate

I have had the pleasure to have been associated with HR GO Ramsgate since March 2012. I am very pleased to say that all of the recruitment consultants have been extremely professional and helpful in all of our dealings.

Procurement Officer
London Array, Kent