Exit interview: The Contact Company

It is both unfortunate and expensive when an employee decides to leave the company. It is important that we find out the reason why so that we can try to avoid losing staff in the future. Once an employee has resigned they are more likely to give an honest input, which is invaluable to the company. 

With your permission, selected information gained from this questionnaire will be discussed with your line manager. The aim of this is to ensure that any problems or issues can be discussed and resolved before you leave. It also means that if we discover that you are leaving as a direct result of perceived problems of which we were previously unaware, the company can try and resolve this to the mutual satisfaction of all parties. 

A copy of this questionnaire will also be placed on your personal file. 

Thank you for your comments. 

I.e. did they show fair treatment, contribution was valuable and provide encouragement, give praise and listen to suggestions?

Do you think your campaign department could improve in any of the following areas: