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Temporary Workers Handbook

Under the Working Time Regulations 1998 you are entitled to 28 days annual leave (including bank holidays) if you work full-time in an assignment over the year. This amount will be pro rata for part time working.

If you have worked on the same assignment for over 12 weeks please see the section 3.

Your holiday entitlement is inclusive of any time off for bank holidays. If you began your assignment part way through the year, the amount of leave you are entitled to will be pro rata’d according to the proportion of the leave year that you have worked.

When requesting holidays you will be required to complete a holiday request form. You must give at least one week's notice. For further details speak to your Supervisor or your consultant. 

Holidays are accrued from the first working day. All holiday accrued should be taken within a year of your start date and should not be carried over to the following year.

As an agency worker your hours and pay may vary considerably over time. Therefore your holiday rate is calculated as an average of your previously worked 52 weeks. Your earning over the previous 52 worked weeks are totalled, divided by 52 and then by 5 for a daily average.