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Temporary Workers Handbook

Working for HR GO: Assignments

After you have registered, your consultant will be hard at work looking for suitable assignments on your behalf. Open communication is very important to us. So, don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss things like:

  • Changes in your availability
  • New skills / qualifications you might have
  • Any reason why you might be unsuitable for an assignment
  • Your recent employment

It is vital that you keep us informed of your availability for work. Many assignments are at short notice and require a rapid response. Up to date contact details and a flexible approach are essential for regular work to be achieved.

You must ensure you have been given all booking details before you are sent on an assignment. This will include:

  • Working hours
  • Name of person to report to 
  • Client name, address & telephone number
  • Pay rate
  • The anticipated length of the assignment
  • The type of work involved

As a team member of HR GO, please treat all information relating to a client or HR GO as confidential. Failure to do so may be in breach of GDPR 2018 and could result in the termination of your assignment. HR GO will also ensure it keeps your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy.