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Temporary Workers Handbook
Working Time Regulations 1998

The Working Time Regulations are intended to promote the health and wellbeing of all workers. Your health and safety is important to us and we believe it is important for you to understand the regulations.

The basic rights and protections that the regulations provide for adult workers (aged 18 or over) are:

  • a limit of 48 hours a week, averaged over a 17 week reference period, which a worker can be required to work (although temporary workers can choose to work more if they want to)
  • a right to 11 hours rest a day (24 hours)
  • a right to a day off each week or 48 hours in a 2 week period
  • a right to up to 28 days paid leave per year (including bank holidays)
  • a right to a 20 minute break after 6 hours of work. The break doesn’t have to be paid - it depends on their employment contract.

Your supervisor will inform you of any extra breaks you may be entitled to take. Hours will vary from assignment to assignment but you will be informed of these prior to starting the assignment. If you are a driver please refer to the driver’s handbook for additional guidance on working hours.

If you want to work for more than 48 hours a week you will be required to sign an opt-out agreement, which you can cancel at any time; this is stated under Regulation 4 of the above Act, where relevant your consultant will discuss this with you.

It is the total number of hours worked so if you have registered with other agencies please let us know.