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Driving Temp Handbook
The Good Lorry Code


Key aspects to professional driving:

  1. Speed - defensive driving is more than simply complying with legal maximum limits. Speed should always be adjusted to prevailing conditions.
  2. Keep your distance - vehicles should have at least a two second gap between them. Remember: “Only a fool breaks the two second rule”
  3. Manoeuvrability - the majority of car drivers are not familiar with the way in which your vehicle has to be driven at roundabouts, junctions etc. Remember to check your mirrors and make allowances for them.
  4. Lorry image - some motorists find the pressure of large vehicles intimidating. Remember to make allowances for them.
  5. Weather conditions - adjust your driving to the prevailing weather conditions.
  6. Routeing - if possible, avoid towns & villages. Keep to the major roads where practical.
  7. Cyclists - cyclists are vulnerable in all traffic. Remember that a bicycle or motorbike should be same room as a small car when being overtaken. Check your mirrors and pay special attention to this when turning at roundabouts.
  8. Parking - know the rules on loading, unloading, waiting and parking restrictions.
  9. Reversing - when in doubt ask an authorised person or banksman to help to guide you back, not a member of the public.
  10. Compliance with lorry amenity controls.