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Driving Temp Handbook
Accidents involving dangerous substances


If there is a traffic accident involving dangerous substances the ADR-certified driver will be the person most qualified to deal with the situation until the arrival of the emergency services.

Please see below information about causes and prevention of fire. There are three ingredients for fire:

  • Oxygen
  • Fuel
  • Heat from sparks, produced by ignition, cigarettes, overheated tyres and breaks, static electrical charge, faulty wiring and naked flames

All ADR vehicles in the UK must be equipped with one extinguisher of at least 2kg dry powder for cab fires and one extinguisher of at least 6kg dry powder suitable for dealing with fires in the load.

Dealing with fire

  1. Remember your own safety
  2. React quickly and logically
  3. Always move people away from the immediate area
  4. Assess the situation. Tackle the fire only if it is safe to do so
  5. Remember the three elements of the fire
  6. Never fight a fire involving aerosols, cylinders etc. as they may explode

Preventing fire

  • Check your vehicle regularly. Poor maintenance or minor defects may cause a fire
  • Keep your vehicle rubbish-free.
  • Remove all sources of ignition such as lighters matches etc.
  • Follow operating procedures
  • DO NOT load flammables and ‘oxygen providers’ (organic peroxides, oxidising agents etc.) in the same load