Employee Testimonials

Here's what some of our team say about HR GO Recruitment and their personal experiences on a daily basis

“I joined HR GO just over 6 months ago and I can honestly say that I have really enjoyed my time so far. HR GO offers the best of both worlds as an employer, we are a national company but it still has that family feel. We win business on the back of a fantastic team who are very friendly, outgoing, fun but very approachable. We have an MD who has been in the business a long time who has loads of energy and ambition.

This is a great company where you can have a great career coupled with lots of fun along the way.”

Tony Adams

Regional Manager

I have been working for HR GO in Dartford since Feb and there hasn’t been a day I haven’t laughed! I don’t get the dread of coming into a silent, boring office anymore and I haven’t yet met a hostile person that you can sometimes get in a sales/ recruitment environment! I am also part of a training group who meet up every 2 weeks which means I have the opportunity to bounce ideas off other consultants and also network within the HR GO team.”

Lucy Jacobs, 
Perm consultant, Dartford

“HR GO is one of the most entrepreneurial recruitment agencies that I have worked for, everyone’s ideas and suggestions are always welcome.  You can walk into any of our branches and you are made to feel welcome immediately, followed by a very decent cuppa.  We have a strong senior leadership team, who believe in investing in both training and technology, enabling everyone to reach their full potential. We also know how to throw a good party too, with my only negative being some of the dodgy dance moves that get unleashed…”

Rebecca Cooper, 
Talent & Development Manager

"I enjoy working for HR GO as they give you the tools to excel within your role, as well as allowing recruiters to have flexibility in the way we operate and develop the business. It’s also helpful knowing that you’re coming to work to also be part of a great team who lookout and support each other. The work parties are also eventful as an added bonus".

Oliver Gillatt, 
Recruitment Consultant

When I started with HR GO I had relocated to the area, and knew no-one and was rather nervous starting in my new role. From my first day at the HR GO academy I met with other new starters who were on my wave length in terms of drive and motivation to succeed. This immediately put me at ease that the people in my office where going to be of a similar nature.

Upon starting in the Canterbury branch I quickly made friends with the consultants in the office. These were people that I could easily work alongside, would help me when I needed assistance, and most importantly trust to cover my work when I’m out the office (I could also have a good gossip with on our lunch break or a cheeky gin after work).


Victoria Rice 
Recruitment Consultant