Automotive Factory Production Jobs Rhyl and Bodelwyddan, North Wales

Factory jobs in the automotive industry may provide exactly what you’re looking for in your next career move. Here’s why you’ll probably leave with a smile after each day’s work.

Reflexallen is a global organisation which significantly invest in research and innovation, and considered one of the leaders in the global truck and high-performance car components markets.



You’ll be happy to know work benefits soar when you switch to factory jobs. Because of the risks attached to the job and the strict guidelines put in place over the years, employers now provide:

  • Health benefits
  • 28 days holiday
  • Weekly pay
  • Nights & weekend work
  • Permanent positions
  • Retirement packages

This makes it a wise short and long term work option.

Other reasons to pursue factory work include the following:

Variety of Options

And you’ll never be bored. Factory jobs are found in every niche and market such as vehicle assembly. And with technology advancing in leaps and bounds, you may get to work on interesting projects relating to state of the art inventions. 

You can decide which niche you want to be part of and that will simply be the start.

The job environment allows for promotion and career changes to become:

  • Team Leaders
  • Shift Managers
  • Plant Managers

Safe Environment

These benefits don’t come without their challenges. Working with huge pieces of machinery does carry risks to workers’ physical well-being. Factories carry an unfortunate label of providing unsafe working environments.

Due to safety concerns and thanks to a lot of technological advances, it’s now one of the safest places to spend your day:

  • Countries have strict regulations in place to keep production line operatives safe from harm
  • Robots can take over risky tasks
  • Technology is used to warn of impending danger


Some factories function at all hours, which means that weekend shift work or night shift work are possibilities:

  • Generate additional cash
  • Schedule your working hours around other responsibilities you have

Are you based in Rhyl and ready to send in your application? It could be the first step towards realising a more flexible, rewarding career.

Daily Satisfaction

Working as part of an organisation, you may not often see the result of your tasks. You’re part of a group effort, but your brain rarely receives visual impulses that prove you’ve been part of something great. Not so with factory work. Working as part of automotive assemblers team, workers can see the product of their handiwork on a daily basis.



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