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Jobs in Manchester

Here are our hand picked jobs available in Manchester. If you'd like to speak to a consultant see the job details, or find a local branch.

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Greater Manchester - Manchester
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Job Vacancies in Manchester

Manchester is one of the most culturally diverse, enigmatic and interesting cities in the UK. It has a long history of first-class entertainment including music, football, art and theatre. Now, Manchester is becoming an important business hub of the UK as more companies decide to head up North from London and call this city “home”.  Manchester has been regenerated greatly over the last 30 years and it continues to expand and improve with every passing year. It’s no wonder an increasing number of people are looking for jobs in Manchester.

The industries in Manchester vary greatly also, giving people a huge number of opportunities no matter their background, skill set or experience. The most prominent of those sectors include media, hospitality, retail, warehouse, health care, financial services, customer service, admin and engineering. 

Manchester has received a phenomenal boost in its media sector with the construction of MediaCity. Back in 2011, the BBC decided to move a significant part of it’s London operations to MediaCity creating thousands of jobs and influencing other media companies to set up in the same area.

As Manchester continues to realise huge regeneration projects throughout the city, it is expanding at a fast rate with the help of the modern infrastructure being added to the Greater Manchester area. The expansion of the Metrolink throughout Greater Manchester has enabled many surrounding suburban areas to travel to and from the city centre with ease. This has made Manchester a much more desirable place to work with many people now able to live in surrounding suburban towns such as Cheshire, Altrincham and Bolton with an easy commute into the city centre. 

Outside of London, Machester has now become one of the largest hubs for employment and business investment. Big-name companies are now prioritising setting up base in Manchester over the South. This has all led to a huge increase in the number of full-time jobs in Manchester.

It’s not just business that is thriving either, the living standards are increasing too. Manchester has always been known as a place to have a good time but now with the increased number of professionals working in the city, it has been transformed into a small metropolis. There is no end in sight for the regeneration and improvements to the city. There are big plans in place for entire areas of the city centre to be redeveloped and repurposed for its inhabitants and commuting workers.

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Those interested in roles in marketing or science-related vacancies should have no issue in finding a job they love. Both Media City and the Manchester Science Park are experiencing increasing popularity for new and expanding businesses. Manchester is also home to some of the most well-rewarded employers in the country such as Virgin Media, Accenture, Barclays and Network Rail.

Manchester has a certain charm that manages to retain the vast majority of people that move here. A city that is experiencing real growth with welcoming people and eclectic cultural scene. 


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