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Call centre staff deserve mounds of respect. You deal with new people all the time, so you can never predict what they will bring to the table.
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A customer care agent must always place customers’ wishes before their own. And we all know how people can lash out at telesales agents. All of this, while you’re simply doing your job. But it’s fulfilling too. What better feeling is there than hearing a satisfied customer thanking you for solving a problem? With the necessary skills each call may be a little easier and end with both you and the client smiling.

Select these skills below to see how they can really have a positive effect.

Staying Patient

Don’t expect everything to go smoothly and when they don’t, be prepared to take a while to get to the resolution:

  • A client may decide to vent his or her frustration
  • Helping clients step by step can feel tedious
  • You may have to answer the same questions multiple times

To experience job satisfaction, you need a realistic expectation of what’s to come. And in all these possible scenarios, patience is essential.

Listening Well

Note that listening goes one step further than hearing. View each word you hear on the call, as a clue to solve a mystery. This requires attention to detail and taking in every word:

  • If you’re discussing a problem, try reading between the lines to get to the true source of the frustration fast.
  • Don’t let people repeat information. This will aggravate them and turn an ordinary call into a conflict situation.

A smart tool is to have pen and paper ready at all times, so you can take notes while you listen.

Making Plans When There Aren’t Any

And what if you realise what the person needs? Are you able to change the situation? 

Yes, sales and customer services involve set rules & guidelines. But don’t hide behind these or let them limit you. Be creative. When you see a solution, act on it. That’s how you really help and taking initiative transforms a call agent into a manager.

Can You Multi-task?

You can see all these tasks go far beyond following a scripted dialogue:

  • Can you listen while you write?
  • Can you respond while entering data?
  • Can you keep someone calm on the line while you search for information?

It will be wise to practice these actions before entering your first contact centre job. You don’t want to feel flustered on that first call.

This list can make your next job seem daunting. Alternatively it can show you how the exciting environments call centre operatives work in. No day is the same and each call requires something different from you. Ready to turn a few frowns into smiles?