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If you’re looking to land an industrial job as a warehouse operative, finding a good Warehouse Operative CV example is one of the best places to start. Warehouse operatives have become a crucial component of the modern economy, and due to the growth of eCommerce, vacancies are more frequent in warehouse operation than many other lines of work. Warehouse operatives undertake a range of duties, from shipping/receiving to inventory management to forklift operation to quality control and even to office paperwork.  Learning how to become a warehouse operative is a rewarding experience.

To succeed as a warehouse operative, you need to be good at keeping records; finding objects and shipping them efficiently; keeping safety in mind; documenting progress. These require skills like problem-solving and intuitive thinking, which you’ll find on many warehouse operative CV samples. However, when applying for a job, it’s important to remember that a warehouse operative CV template will rarely do you justice: the most successful CVs are highly personal.


Professional Introduction/Personal Statement

Your introduction should outline the amount of relevant experience you have, as well as the reasons you feel you suit warehouse operation and information that might set you apart from other candidates. You should keep this concise, as conveying information in fewer words suggests intelligence. You should not mention irrelevant or negative experiences (e.g. working in sales; getting dismissed) or discuss salaries. Try to use unique phrases, avoid cliché, and highlight essential experience.

Personal profile example:

I’m a warehouse operative with 2 years’ warehouse experience and 5 years’ experience in relevant industries. I have always enjoyed working in a team with a particular focus on safety. I work best under pressure and enjoy signing off paperwork relevant to a team’s job well done, which is why I was designated to be responsible for my team’s paperwork at my previous job. I own a forklift license. 

Previous Job Experience

List each of your previous jobs with the following information included

  • Job title
  • Name of employer
  • Location
  • Month and year started
  • A brief description of relevant skills and duties you acquired from the job

Even if you don't have previous warehouse operative job experience, other positions often include some of the same skills. Be sure to highlight those in your job experience descriptions.

Example of transferrable skills

As a logistics driver for Sainsbury’s, I was responsible for ensuring my team was working in an accurate, safe, and legal manner and making sure that all stock required was delivered.


Key Skills to be a Warehouse Operative

The skills you need in operation should be implied by your job experience, but don’t be afraid to highlight proficiencies that you think will be useful. If you have done any training that would be handy in a warehouse, let the employer know. 

Key skills example

I am IT literate and have previously worked with Excel for inventory management. I take regular first-aid courses, which I feel are essential in any physically exertive workplace. 

Education History

Even though no formal education is required to become a warehouse operative, this section should be a simple outline of your education, qualifications, and professional development. This may help to give companies and idea of what area of warehouse work you are best suited to.

Education history examples

9 GCSEs, including Maths (B) and English (C) at Bolton House Secondary School.

Alison Inventory Management Course (Online)



Most people offer references available on request, but if a previous employer is especially enthusiastic about you, you may want to include a quote at the end of your CV that supports your stand-out skillset, alongside contact information that allows an easy fact-check.

You should ask any previous line managers or supervisors before you list them down as a reference, as potential employers are likely get in contact with your references.

Previous employer quote example

‘An absolute pleasure to have in your team, you always know that your stock is double-checked and such fast responsiveness to any first-aid incidents is a luxury.’

Paul Turner, 

Sainsbury’s Depot Manager 

(Phone number) 

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