Now furlough’s
ending, what does
that mean for you?

Furlough, or the Job Retention Scheme, was introduced in spring 2020 as a safeguard against mass job losses in the wake of Covid-19. In this article, we look at what it achieved and what's in store now furlough's ending on September 30th. Plus we provide some great resources to help you get back into working.

Throughout the scheme’s time, 11.6 million jobs were furloughed, peaking at 8.9 million in May and steadily decreasing since then. The biggest take-ups of the scheme were the events and hospitality sector, although as of June 2021, half of air passenger transport and travel agencies’ staff were still furloughed. These official government statistics were derived from data collected through July.

With the success of the vaccination rollout and the economy slowly recovering, the furlough scheme is ending. While the scheme no doubt saved a substantial number of jobs, some may not have been so lucky. As furlough ends, many people may be feeling uncertain about the future of their jobs - or feeling that the time is right for a career change.

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If you’ve been on furlough and are considering a career or employment change, we're here to help. Not only do we have hundreds of jobs available across the UK in multiple sectors, we’ve also got a wealth of resources to hand to give you a head-start on your job search.

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