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Driving Temp Handbook
What is working time?


Working time is not the same as attendance, spread-over or shift time. Working time includes ALL road transport activities such as:

  • Driving
  • Loading and unloading
  • Vehicle cleaning and maintenance
  • Work to ensure the safety of the vehicle and its cargo, including daily defect checks
  • Waiting time that cannot be classed as a ‘period of availability’ (see following notes)
  • Any other work, including administrative duties
  • Overtime
  • Job-related training associated with normal work and training that is part of the company’s commercial transport operation
  • Time worked for another road-transport employer

Working time does NOT include:

  • Breaks during a shift
  • Periods of availability (see notes below)
  • Daily rest
  • Weekly rest
  • Voluntary work, including charitable work, special constables, territorial army and retained fire-fighters
  • Evening classes or day-release courses
  • Routine travel between home and your normal place of work