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Driving Temp Handbook
What is a period of availability?


The following 3 conditions apply to a period of availability (POA):

  • You are available for work but not required to undertake any work
  • You must not be ‘required’ to stay at your workstation (this will usually be the vehicle). You may choose to remain in the vehicle but, as long as you have the freedom to leave the vehicle if you wish, this can still count as a POA
  • The period and its expected duration must be known in advance

As long as the conditions stated above are met, examples of POA’s can include:

  • Accompanying a vehicle being transported by boat or train
  • Waiting at national borders
  • Delays due to traffic prohibitions
  • Time waiting for someone else to load or unload the vehicle - as long as you are not required to be in attendance
  • Delays at a customer’s premises
  • Staying with a broken-down vehicle at the roadside, waiting for repairs or recovery
  • Time spent waiting to undertake work after you have reported for work
  • Time spent travelling in the vehicle to be available for driving while double manning