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Driving Temp Handbook
London congestion charge


Vehicles entering the London Congestion Zone between the hours of 07:00 and 18:00 Monday to Friday will generally require a licence costing £10.00 per day. Payment has to be made before 24:00 on the same day or a fine of £100.00 will be levied.

It is the responsibility of each driver to comply with the congestion charge system and any fines will be the responsibility of the driver if they have failed to ensure payment of the fee. Please take great care to check for the Congestion Charge signs and markings at all times while you are in London.

If during the course of an assignment you need to enter the zone, you must advise the client for whom you are working to obtain authorisation, ascertain his method of paying the charge, and obtain a payment reference number.

It is advisable to get clarification before you leave the client’s depot at the start of the assignment.