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Call centres can either be physical or virtual, and call centre jobs are one of the most applied for jobs in the UK. Call centre employees take incoming calls or make outgoing calls, most commonly to customers and potential customers. There are a variety of different call centre jobs in the UK, so if you’re looking for part-time call centre jobs, full-time call centre jobs or just a bit more information on how a call centre is structured, look no further. 

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Our Vacancies & Your Skills

Our relationships with employers mean we have information on key vacancies before they hit the job ads. We are continually on the lookout for people to work at call centres so please get in touch if you are looking for your next opportunity.

If you have great communication skills, an interest in sales or managing people and have a strong work ethic, call centre jobs could be right up your street. Most companies need to invest in a great customer service and sales team, so call centres jobs are always available around the UK.

Our Consultants

Our consultants have extensive knowledge of your sector and the variety of roles a call centre worker might perform. We understand how essential it is for your business to have the right teams in place to run efficiently.

Our recruitment specialists at HRGO have years of experience in placing people in the right positions all around the UK. By choosing HRGO, you’re going with a call centre recruitment specialist - our experts have contacts with dozens of employers and can help you find the perfect job. After we look at your skills we’ll begin to match you with ideal jobs in exciting positions.

Our Process

As part of the registration process with HR GO you will be interviewed to understand your core skills, experience and aspirations to make sure we match you to the roles that suit your needs.

Types of Call Centre Jobs

Call Centre Agent/Customer Service Agent/Telemarketing

The call centre agent, also known as the customer service agent or representative, is an employee who is expected to answer questions or solve problems when a customer phones a call centre. These questions are normally about services or products that a customer is interested in, or has found an issue with. The call centre agent is then able to solve their problem either directly or by getting a supervisor involved. 

Sometimes, call centre agents don’t solve problems but instead take a sales approach, phoning up new and pre-existing customers to inform them of new products and give them special offers. This is sometimes called Telemarketing. Agents might also have a research role, where they phone people to ask them questions. A background in customer service is very desirable when you apply for the role of call centre agent, and HR GO has a lot of experience finding people the call centre jobs that they desire.

Supervisor/Team Leader

Call centres need many agents to help keep them running, but it can be hard to make sure that those agents are working effectively. A team leader is given the responsibility to supervise a team of roughly ten agents. The team leader will need to let the team know what their objectives are for the day, give feedback to agents to let them know how to improve, take call escalations (i.e. “let me speak to your supervisor”), monitoring Key Performance Indicators, preparing reports to deliver to the manager. 

Supervisors have to handle call escalations, so almost always they have been call centre agents beforehand and are experienced at dealing with high-pressure phone calls. Experience is more important than qualifications for this call centre job. They should use their experience to identify and address any issues with the way their team handles calls and should support team members as they grow. 


A call centre manager is responsible for managing a group of supervisors. Their jobs entail having meetings with team leaders to set objections and monitor how they are being matched; discussing any problems that they face; oversee the learning progression of their team.

Managers will also have to interact with leaders from other departments of the company, to understand the company objectives more deeply and to make sure that KPIs are being met. Like supervisors, call centre manager jobs are based on experience, which is more important than qualifications.

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