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Account Management Portal

We empower our customers to understand their recruitment agency spend by offering instant access to data driven insights in our Account Portal, bringing efficiency and transparency to the process.



Data at your fingertips

This new and powerful facility allows HR GO Recruitment clients management control over their HR GO Workforce, enabling faster, smarter decision-making. The portal gives you 24/7 access to a wealth of financial data on the services provided to you by HR GO Recruitment.

Features include

      • Transparency of invoice and timesheet details

      • Visibility of spend/staff levels/hours worked

      • Review & approval of timesheets submitted

  • Tracking of bookings against workforce vacancies

  • Invoice details, including credits and rates applied

  • Ability to export detailed or filtered data to spreadsheets

No Limitations

As a client of HR GO you automatically get access to the portal for any number of users for no extra charge.

There are two dashboards: Credit Summary and Worker Summary. Together they will help you improve decision-making by allowing you to track and compare year on year expenditure with HR GO Recruitment.

Credit Summary Dashboard

Financial data relating to invoices paid and outstanding.

Get answers to questions such as: 

  1. How long is it taking for invoices to be paid?
  2. Which invoices are overdue?
  3. How much did I spend last month?
  4. Which of my departments is spending the most on temporary labour?

Immediately see how much headroom you have on your account and improve demand and capacity planning.

Access to all billing related information, including invoices, insurance and credit levels.

Ability to interrogate by cost codes and to export data for further analysis or re-importing to local finance systems.

Worker Summary Dashboard

Information on individual temporary workers and their timesheets.

Get answers to questions such as: 

  1. How many workers were paid between date x & y?
  2. When did person A work? And for how long? 
  3. How much overtime was done last week?
  4. Which workers have long tenure?

Improved understanding of the cost profile of your contingent workforce.

View details on individual workers including hours worked and costs by weekly timesheet.

Analyse growth and seasonal patterns

Bookings & Vacancies

Proactively manage new and ongoing bookings:

• Load new vacancy details
• Track filled vacancies against requirements

Manage Online Timesheets

Proactively manage online timesheets:

  • Review timesheets submitted by workforce
  • Approval for payment of staff given remotely
  • Interrogate history at any time

Powered by HR GO data

The portal makes data from HR GO internal systems managing payroll and invoices available to clients:

  • Access
  • Financial Management System
  • Pay & Bill

Built with leading technology

The portal is developed, owned and controlled by HR GO Recruitment using market-leading platforms to ensure security of data:

  • Microsoft Power BI Embedded - Business Intelligence and Analytics for independent software vendors
  • Microsoft Azure AD B2C - Customer Identity and Access Management platform
  • Platform certified: CSA STAR, ISO 20000, ISO 22301, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 9001, SOC, WCAG 2.0

Find out more

Your HR GO Recruitment account manager will be happy to demonstrate how using The Account Management Portal can benefit your business...