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Driving Handbook

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Driving Handbook
What obligations do HR GO and drivers have under the new rules?

The regulations require US to:

  • Take all reasonable steps to ensure the limits and rules are being complied with
  • Notify you of the provisions of the regulations and the provisions of any relevant collective or workforce agreements (if applicable)
  • Request from you details in writing of any time worked by you for another road transport employer, client company or agency and include that time in working time calculations
  • Keep adequate working time records for 2 years
  • Provide to you on request a copy of your working time records
  • Provide on request working time records and any other necessary documents to enforcement officers

The regulations require YOU to:

  • Inform us in writing of all working time undertaken for any other employer or agency
  • Keep a record of Working Time Hours for all paid work
  • Retain the records for 2 years
  • Inform each of your employers or agencies